Thursday, December 22, 2011


So I knew Laila ate the peanut butter out of crackers and leave the crackers.. But I didnt know she would eat the peanut butter out of a resees and not the chocolate!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exciting Week

This is Christmas week.. Kids are so excited, along with me and chad.. We had a fun weekend of shopping, and visiting with Helen Wally Alice at my moms this weekend.. Made cookies and cousins playing is always fun.. PLus I got to rub on that baby belly Helen has growing.. Now its just time to wait... We keep adding couple presents that we got for dadddy or grandparents under the tree, making the kids that much more excited.. For some reason Ciara thinks we should open presents on xmas eve, though we have never had presents before xmas morning??? Random kids I guess.. There were some skeptics at her school when I was there making gingerbread houses.. Its so sad to see kids want to ruin it and be so sure that there isnt anything magic left..I will cherish each second I have for mine and then we will make new magic when needed :) I got an email that said it real good, even if "santa" isnt at everyones house doing the full story of red suit and presents, there are plenty of "santas" out that help out many people this time of year..

Friday, December 16, 2011

My dogs chew toy

Apparantly I didn't get the memo that little maltese girl dogs have some bad habits.. Like eat underwear like its going out of style, and now has moved on to bows or something that pokes out on clothing! I sent this out to several on text, but Im still pretty angry.. I ordered a Victoria Secrets bra for a Christmas present for myself the other day,.. Happily waited for it to come in, got it tried it, its perfect... Wore it once (being red isnt exactly easy to hide under a shirt..)  and took it off last night while watching tv.. So it was sitting on couch.. Well this morning I hear Dillon say Bubbles dont eat mommys bra! And it was too late she ate the bow and material right in the middle.. Grrr.. Thats some wasted money! In case anyone wants to feel my pain haha Ive enclosed a picture to help see my ignorant dogs' new chew toy...

Xmas Program

Ciara and Dillon had a Christmas program the other night, and I didnt get to take any pictures during it since my camera sucks for distance, but these are from Gramma D... They did great and were very excited about it all.. When I upload my camera ill put some of them after, cause they were posing machines :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

My little guy Dillon lost his first tooth!

 He came off the bus today from school smiling so hard, running to the house so proud to show he lost his first tooth!! And we lost it once since being home haha but found it on the floor in bathroom.. So my little man is growing up :) the one right next to it is almost out too, and the big ones are coming in already!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

IM excited

Ive been doing a couple purchases online for victorias secret, and you get these free gift cards with like 10, 50, 100, or 500 on them.. and so far Ive gotten ten dollars so I go make tiny purchases to use them to use.. and this time I got a 50 dollar one!! woot woot. haha I knew I would get one.. Now for the 500!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Time

I am having so much fun waiting for my orders to come in the mail, and making orders for xmas.. Nothing more exciting then wondering when they will get here and how will i distract kids if they are home from school.. Its a blast.. AND I didnt have to wait in crowded lines with grouchy shoppers! Woot Woot

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Staying Busy

Well nothing new really over here.. Laila had her appt for her tubes, and both are out and shes dismissed from them having to see her.. Passed the hearing test so thats good to know not an issue.. Dr kept asking if she was tired and looking at her funny since she went noodle limp and whined.. I said nope she just hates Drs..:) I think I have managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done via the internet. So thats a good jump on the month.. Now im just waiting for our Anniversary trip to plan itself haha.. I keep telling Chad ok you gonna make the plans or me? Either way I am celebrating 10 years ..:)) Today is the only day this week I havent had appts of some sort. Seems like only once a month I get free days.. And that doesnt mean im not doing anything, just dont HAVE to leave the house.. Dillon had his dentist appt and is super excited his bottom teeth are almost out.. He also got a little weird by the end, and Dentist said OK and walked on out.. Guess noone has the patience for my kiddos... Shame on them though, mine are the best kids to know ever. Haha.. And yes Im going to post a pic of myself to sign off.. Pretty Girl saying Have a good week :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh ya.. Forgot the big news!

Newest Hankins Member..

Bugsy <3

Nice Weekend

I feel like we stayed pretty busy all week, and had a nice rewarding weekend. First Me and Chad got date night for the first in a while.. His parents have been out of town for a while and mine arent local enough to get date nights anymore :(  So we dropped off the kids and did night riding on four wheelers and hung out , then got to sleep in till 1030!! Wowzers... love it! Then we slowly made it back to get the kids and headed to my parents for some visit time.. All but Laila slept the entire way there, so thats always nice. Kids got some fun play time, heres a pic of them freezing at the park haha or maybe they werent but us adults were :)
During that visit the kids helped set up Christmas tree over there so when we got home of course kids begged and begged to do ours, and we usually wait till after Thanksgiving but having two 3 year olds extremely excited for it makes you say Heck ya lets do it.. So we set up ours, will wait for ornaments till the weekend.. But they love it and like it plugged in all day :)
We usually keep it on sunroom porch thing but this year we want to see it from all over the house.. I never knew having twins could magnify the special feelings of holidays but boy Christmas is going to be awesome this year.. And then finally our pachage of Old Navy boots came in the mail so the girls were excited to wear them.. Ciaras are a little big since they reviewed small.. so she got a 4! girl takes after her Mommy for sure! and Laila got boots and new hat,.. She kept them on till hot tub time later in the night :)
So thats our wrap up of the weekend.. Now its the last day of school for the Thanksgiving holidays and we are all excited to feast and stuff ourselves tomorrow.. Time to start relaxing, smelling good smells,and taking in the views of MY perfect life :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Book Buzz

Im so excited my book came in the mail today.. Ive heard alot of buzz about this one and I am intrigued.. Now that I have couple hours in morning maybe I can have time to read again.. Im thinking maybe Ill bring my stationary bike up and ride while I wait for the school bus on front porch.. Stinking bus runs late and I wait along time sitting in Lailas carseat we just aged her out of hahaha

Monday, November 14, 2011

Camo Day

Fun week at school.. Heres Camo day :) Yes I couldnt pick one so I used both.. Cuties

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surprise Beecher Stop

Today we (me Ciara Laila) were on our way to Megans babyshower in Beecher when we passed up the Veterans Memorial.. We were running early so I told the kids I had a special stop to make.. We pulled in and I waited for Ciara to read what it was we were at.. As she read she was super excited, then I told her Uncle Adams name is up on the wall and we should find it.. I had never been to it or looked before and this year Ciaras getting older and appreciating these kinds of things more and more. So as Laila played around looking at flowers and prettys I told Ciara lets start looking.. She was tricked to not find it under Adam haha, I told her it goes last name first. So even funnier she found Hankins and said here it is! I said nope, Hendershot remember.. So she happily pointed it out ( I found it sooner but let her find it for me) She asked why Grandpa and Uncle Wynston and Paul werent on it, I explained it was for local area veterans.. Still confused I told her her other Uncles were grown and already in the Navy by time me and Uncle Adam moved here.. SO anyways she was happy to see it and we took pictures.. Heres our pics finding it :)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fun Day at Covered Bridge and Shelbyville

Today as we sat bored this morning, we decided ok we are loading up in the LTD and taking a drive.. That led to lets hit the Covered Bridge.. Could go to Casey or Cowden... Went with Cowden

So that was a fun time, and kids loved walking all through it and under it and taking funny odds and ends pictures.. Heres them posing where Daddy put them

And heres all 4 chillen on a log down below it
Then we decided instead of headed back home to sit and be bored, keep on going to Lake Shelbyville.. The kids wanted to climb the Big dam hill and then roll down.. So we grabbed some lunch at Subway and ate at picnic area, and started the climb...

Then time for some play on swings 4 kid style :)
And warming up by fire for couple minutes

And you cant forget all the fun jumping rocks!

And last but not least walking over by the water to look for fish and play on smaller rocks

Daddy had his arms full on way to car

And Heres one of the Happy parents... Love Love it

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all the people individual and families that are a part of that group.. I am especially Happy because my kids get to stay home with me for the day... Heres our morning so far..Playdoh Party :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Part Time Mommy

So I know most people dont get to stay home all day with their kids, but I do.. And its huge that I am no longer a full time mommy.. Cooper and Laila have entered the school system.. Now I share full trust in the school to help teach and guide all 4 of my babies.. Now why am I sending my 3 year olds off if Im sad.. Well Laila has apraxia.. Therefore she needs very special speech structure to help her be able to talk in the future.. And figure out how to get those words to come out. Cooper is also qualified with minor delays , nothing serious at all, but also twins benefit being together at the young age.. So today I sit home my first day for only 2 and half hours (that actually flew by with my workout and cleaning :)  )Wondering how much fast it can fly! I was telling my mom in three years all will be in full day school.. Ill have a 11 year old 9 year old and two 6 yr olds ... followed up with only being 30! how nuts ... Anyone stressing for the day just know, its all going to fly and cherish :) I plan to fully make up for it in each afternoon.. and I know in three years ill be getting my first adult out of house job in 13 years! or have another baby;) hugs and kisses to all

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cowboys Game

On Location

Nascar times

Chads pretty excited about their Texas trip.. They had trailor out right on the track that they grilled out steaks each night and had tons of food.. He says it was on the straight part so im not to be scared.. But was 3 crashes in 35 min the other night. But they had their own golf cart to go drive around and explore and meet the racers.. He also got to ride in the car (Interstate Battery 18) in full getup for 10 laps going 180mph.. He said defintely made his trip..  He also said Earthquake that shook the hotel last night.. So little fun and scarey I guess.. Heres his pics he sent

Friday, November 4, 2011

Missed Halloween

I forgot to post about our trick or treat.. It was a blast.. We had a group of 10 kids walking together, me and chad dressed up.. twins loved it, cooper got scared at one house when a guy tricked him. and balled and didnt go to anymore.. but it was the third to last house on way home anyways.. laila loved it all and ran as fast as she could to keep up with big kids.. Ciara and dillon of course pushed hard to keep going but it was cold.. so we stopped early.. and everyone had so much fun.. heres some pics