Friday, December 16, 2011

My dogs chew toy

Apparantly I didn't get the memo that little maltese girl dogs have some bad habits.. Like eat underwear like its going out of style, and now has moved on to bows or something that pokes out on clothing! I sent this out to several on text, but Im still pretty angry.. I ordered a Victoria Secrets bra for a Christmas present for myself the other day,.. Happily waited for it to come in, got it tried it, its perfect... Wore it once (being red isnt exactly easy to hide under a shirt..)  and took it off last night while watching tv.. So it was sitting on couch.. Well this morning I hear Dillon say Bubbles dont eat mommys bra! And it was too late she ate the bow and material right in the middle.. Grrr.. Thats some wasted money! In case anyone wants to feel my pain haha Ive enclosed a picture to help see my ignorant dogs' new chew toy...

1 comment:

  1. It still looks nice, might have to safety pin that sucker. I know thats not the point tho :)

    Just Sayin!