Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exciting Week

This is Christmas week.. Kids are so excited, along with me and chad.. We had a fun weekend of shopping, and visiting with Helen Wally Alice at my moms this weekend.. Made cookies and cousins playing is always fun.. PLus I got to rub on that baby belly Helen has growing.. Now its just time to wait... We keep adding couple presents that we got for dadddy or grandparents under the tree, making the kids that much more excited.. For some reason Ciara thinks we should open presents on xmas eve, though we have never had presents before xmas morning??? Random kids I guess.. There were some skeptics at her school when I was there making gingerbread houses.. Its so sad to see kids want to ruin it and be so sure that there isnt anything magic left..I will cherish each second I have for mine and then we will make new magic when needed :) I got an email that said it real good, even if "santa" isnt at everyones house doing the full story of red suit and presents, there are plenty of "santas" out that help out many people this time of year..


  1. enjoy it while you can for sure its all gone fast

  2. No school until 2012!!

  3. PS Alice tells me every year that MOST kids at school get to open one present on Christmas Eve. I battle with it yearly - should we or shouldnt we? Until now we have said just have to wait until Christmas morning.