Thursday, December 22, 2011


So I knew Laila ate the peanut butter out of crackers and leave the crackers.. But I didnt know she would eat the peanut butter out of a resees and not the chocolate!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exciting Week

This is Christmas week.. Kids are so excited, along with me and chad.. We had a fun weekend of shopping, and visiting with Helen Wally Alice at my moms this weekend.. Made cookies and cousins playing is always fun.. PLus I got to rub on that baby belly Helen has growing.. Now its just time to wait... We keep adding couple presents that we got for dadddy or grandparents under the tree, making the kids that much more excited.. For some reason Ciara thinks we should open presents on xmas eve, though we have never had presents before xmas morning??? Random kids I guess.. There were some skeptics at her school when I was there making gingerbread houses.. Its so sad to see kids want to ruin it and be so sure that there isnt anything magic left..I will cherish each second I have for mine and then we will make new magic when needed :) I got an email that said it real good, even if "santa" isnt at everyones house doing the full story of red suit and presents, there are plenty of "santas" out that help out many people this time of year..

Friday, December 16, 2011

My dogs chew toy

Apparantly I didn't get the memo that little maltese girl dogs have some bad habits.. Like eat underwear like its going out of style, and now has moved on to bows or something that pokes out on clothing! I sent this out to several on text, but Im still pretty angry.. I ordered a Victoria Secrets bra for a Christmas present for myself the other day,.. Happily waited for it to come in, got it tried it, its perfect... Wore it once (being red isnt exactly easy to hide under a shirt..)  and took it off last night while watching tv.. So it was sitting on couch.. Well this morning I hear Dillon say Bubbles dont eat mommys bra! And it was too late she ate the bow and material right in the middle.. Grrr.. Thats some wasted money! In case anyone wants to feel my pain haha Ive enclosed a picture to help see my ignorant dogs' new chew toy...

Xmas Program

Ciara and Dillon had a Christmas program the other night, and I didnt get to take any pictures during it since my camera sucks for distance, but these are from Gramma D... They did great and were very excited about it all.. When I upload my camera ill put some of them after, cause they were posing machines :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

My little guy Dillon lost his first tooth!

 He came off the bus today from school smiling so hard, running to the house so proud to show he lost his first tooth!! And we lost it once since being home haha but found it on the floor in bathroom.. So my little man is growing up :) the one right next to it is almost out too, and the big ones are coming in already!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

IM excited

Ive been doing a couple purchases online for victorias secret, and you get these free gift cards with like 10, 50, 100, or 500 on them.. and so far Ive gotten ten dollars so I go make tiny purchases to use them to use.. and this time I got a 50 dollar one!! woot woot. haha I knew I would get one.. Now for the 500!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Time

I am having so much fun waiting for my orders to come in the mail, and making orders for xmas.. Nothing more exciting then wondering when they will get here and how will i distract kids if they are home from school.. Its a blast.. AND I didnt have to wait in crowded lines with grouchy shoppers! Woot Woot

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Staying Busy

Well nothing new really over here.. Laila had her appt for her tubes, and both are out and shes dismissed from them having to see her.. Passed the hearing test so thats good to know not an issue.. Dr kept asking if she was tired and looking at her funny since she went noodle limp and whined.. I said nope she just hates Drs..:) I think I have managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done via the internet. So thats a good jump on the month.. Now im just waiting for our Anniversary trip to plan itself haha.. I keep telling Chad ok you gonna make the plans or me? Either way I am celebrating 10 years ..:)) Today is the only day this week I havent had appts of some sort. Seems like only once a month I get free days.. And that doesnt mean im not doing anything, just dont HAVE to leave the house.. Dillon had his dentist appt and is super excited his bottom teeth are almost out.. He also got a little weird by the end, and Dentist said OK and walked on out.. Guess noone has the patience for my kiddos... Shame on them though, mine are the best kids to know ever. Haha.. And yes Im going to post a pic of myself to sign off.. Pretty Girl saying Have a good week :)