Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nascar times

Chads pretty excited about their Texas trip.. They had trailor out right on the track that they grilled out steaks each night and had tons of food.. He says it was on the straight part so im not to be scared.. But was 3 crashes in 35 min the other night. But they had their own golf cart to go drive around and explore and meet the racers.. He also got to ride in the car (Interstate Battery 18) in full getup for 10 laps going 180mph.. He said defintely made his trip..  He also said Earthquake that shook the hotel last night.. So little fun and scarey I guess.. Heres his pics he sent

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  1. Awesome pics Chad!!! 180 was prolly pretty intense!! Try to get some racers to arm wrestle you, it's worth it.