Monday, April 16, 2012

Grr kind of night

So first of all I put a fan in my window last night to catch some cold air.. It took me an extra hour or so freaking out I wouldnt hear twins if they cried in night, but thought hey they havent in a long time so why would they.. Well 230 comes around and I hear screaming, which I know means Laila and also that she peed her bed.. So I go upstairs and take care of that. Then I come back downstairs and stop for a bathroom break before back to bed, leaving lights off .. And step into a pile of mush right in front of toilet.. Thanks Bubbles I appreciate you pooping in my bathroom! So I curse and shower off my foot and clean up floor, then do my nightly rounds of looking out back from bathroom window to the front porch when on the front porch I step into another pile of mush! Yep thanks again Bubbles for freaking out since I went upstairs and pooping twice in my house! I hate dogs at the moment! and told chad next time kids wake its his turn :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I just walked up to the school to pick up Cooper and Laila with our dog Buster.  I think he was feeling left out since he didnt get to go to pet day last week with Bubbles and Bugsy.. Anyways, if we lived in Monsters Inc world (where laughter makes electricity, also twins fav movie) we could have givent power to everyone! They thought it was hilarious how many times Buster lifted his leg on every tree and pole.Cooper even started pretending to do it too. Im glad our dog has offered more than just a vacuum cleaner :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Prettys

Bought some flowers from Aldi the other day, didnt expect too much from them this year, but thought oh next year they will come out nice.. But boy did they liven right up :)

And we definitely cant deny this girl , shes an April Pretty for sure :)