Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nice Weekend

I feel like we stayed pretty busy all week, and had a nice rewarding weekend. First Me and Chad got date night for the first in a while.. His parents have been out of town for a while and mine arent local enough to get date nights anymore :(  So we dropped off the kids and did night riding on four wheelers and hung out , then got to sleep in till 1030!! Wowzers... love it! Then we slowly made it back to get the kids and headed to my parents for some visit time.. All but Laila slept the entire way there, so thats always nice. Kids got some fun play time, heres a pic of them freezing at the park haha or maybe they werent but us adults were :)
During that visit the kids helped set up Christmas tree over there so when we got home of course kids begged and begged to do ours, and we usually wait till after Thanksgiving but having two 3 year olds extremely excited for it makes you say Heck ya lets do it.. So we set up ours, will wait for ornaments till the weekend.. But they love it and like it plugged in all day :)
We usually keep it on sunroom porch thing but this year we want to see it from all over the house.. I never knew having twins could magnify the special feelings of holidays but boy Christmas is going to be awesome this year.. And then finally our pachage of Old Navy boots came in the mail so the girls were excited to wear them.. Ciaras are a little big since they reviewed small.. so she got a 4! girl takes after her Mommy for sure! and Laila got boots and new hat,.. She kept them on till hot tub time later in the night :)
So thats our wrap up of the weekend.. Now its the last day of school for the Thanksgiving holidays and we are all excited to feast and stuff ourselves tomorrow.. Time to start relaxing, smelling good smells,and taking in the views of MY perfect life :)

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