Monday, November 7, 2011

Part Time Mommy

So I know most people dont get to stay home all day with their kids, but I do.. And its huge that I am no longer a full time mommy.. Cooper and Laila have entered the school system.. Now I share full trust in the school to help teach and guide all 4 of my babies.. Now why am I sending my 3 year olds off if Im sad.. Well Laila has apraxia.. Therefore she needs very special speech structure to help her be able to talk in the future.. And figure out how to get those words to come out. Cooper is also qualified with minor delays , nothing serious at all, but also twins benefit being together at the young age.. So today I sit home my first day for only 2 and half hours (that actually flew by with my workout and cleaning :)  )Wondering how much fast it can fly! I was telling my mom in three years all will be in full day school.. Ill have a 11 year old 9 year old and two 6 yr olds ... followed up with only being 30! how nuts ... Anyone stressing for the day just know, its all going to fly and cherish :) I plan to fully make up for it in each afternoon.. and I know in three years ill be getting my first adult out of house job in 13 years! or have another baby;) hugs and kisses to all


  1. I vote have another baby!! Actually have twins again... Love you young lady. Wynston

  2. Awww, I say have another baby too! That preschool time does seem to fly by but at least you have time to get stuff done and enjoy your kiddo time later :)

  3. I wish I could just have millions