Monday, July 9, 2012


I guess everyone was wondering where this went, so Ill do some updating. We love summer and our ability to stay busy together nonstop, so Im not around to sit on actual computer much. I got an IPAD for my birthday so now im always on that for quick on the go usage, which i havent put this on there yet to do from there. Everyones super good, Ciaras seeming to like school way more than home haha, Dillons having a blast and teaching Cooper and Laila all the fun tricks and games, Cooper is finally coming out of his shell and loving all the things we do, Laila is hilarious and tries alot to be loudest and funniest :) We started going to Church finally, so thats nice. Took a couple times before kids started understanding its time to be chill. Vacation Bible School started it and the kids loved that. I took the twins and stayed with them every day, since they still pretend to be shy ;) , Now we are doing just fine.. Big kids do Sunday school then we all head over for second morning service. They have a kid corner which is pretty cool, all the kids in the room go and sit by Pastor and he has a box they pass around each week. Whichever kid brings items from home and he does a mini sermon over it . Dillon raised his hand and asked for it this week, so now we play the game of what to put in. And it was cute cause the Pastor was asking a question and Ciara answered it.. Makes me happy and proud to know that even though we havent attened till last month, they are picking it right up and very interested. We do riding and slip n slide about every weekend if not in between also. Weve been hanging out in the Kaskaski River lately alot, watching chad bow fish while there. and tons of Pool all day everyday. Im going to add some pics now and consider this updated :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Grr kind of night

So first of all I put a fan in my window last night to catch some cold air.. It took me an extra hour or so freaking out I wouldnt hear twins if they cried in night, but thought hey they havent in a long time so why would they.. Well 230 comes around and I hear screaming, which I know means Laila and also that she peed her bed.. So I go upstairs and take care of that. Then I come back downstairs and stop for a bathroom break before back to bed, leaving lights off .. And step into a pile of mush right in front of toilet.. Thanks Bubbles I appreciate you pooping in my bathroom! So I curse and shower off my foot and clean up floor, then do my nightly rounds of looking out back from bathroom window to the front porch when on the front porch I step into another pile of mush! Yep thanks again Bubbles for freaking out since I went upstairs and pooping twice in my house! I hate dogs at the moment! and told chad next time kids wake its his turn :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I just walked up to the school to pick up Cooper and Laila with our dog Buster.  I think he was feeling left out since he didnt get to go to pet day last week with Bubbles and Bugsy.. Anyways, if we lived in Monsters Inc world (where laughter makes electricity, also twins fav movie) we could have givent power to everyone! They thought it was hilarious how many times Buster lifted his leg on every tree and pole.Cooper even started pretending to do it too. Im glad our dog has offered more than just a vacuum cleaner :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Prettys

Bought some flowers from Aldi the other day, didnt expect too much from them this year, but thought oh next year they will come out nice.. But boy did they liven right up :)

And we definitely cant deny this girl , shes an April Pretty for sure :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


So we are sitting watching American Idol as a family, and yes me and Ciara are sad HeeJun is gone... But thats not the point.. Laila ,who doesnt talk, was doing every commercial and show repeat she could, counted tons high , and was having a blast with it , when I looked and seen Ciara was playing with her(Lailas) hair just so casually without any kind of attention on it.. This is the moment I always dreamt of for my kids, since I didnt have a sister.For every fight sisters have and every jelous second, this will be a cherished moment in my heart of them.. Ciara was being big sister to her little Sis.. and it was ADORABLE.. I melted just seeing it, and cant wait for more of these :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Quick

One sec please.. Coopers bus aide told me I need to have a talk with him about being quiet on railroad tracks on bus... added that Laila gets it so he should , but he doesnt... I somewhat feel her seriousness wasnt needed, a nice hey talk to him about it would have worked.. Not sure how I feel about my 3 year old not knowing about being quiet on railroad tracks... hummm.. Guess Ill mention it, Im sure his big ole mouth is distracting everything... (eye roll. only because Coopers pretty tame, still borderline shy, so I doubt hes doing it on purpose..)

Nicer days

I dont know about everyone else, but boy am I happy its been nice out.. I think the weather decided to follow us back from Florida, and its perfect.. Its been flip flops and sunny days. We got to do slip n slides, creek playing, hot dogs on a fire, smores!!, hide n seeks outside, a short pond swim, yard work, flowers are coming up, were getting a pool set up, and we got to go mushroom hunting which all the kids cooperated good for..All these things are my smiles lately. I cant wait to summer with 3 year olds, instead of 2(that one was a hard one) , my super happy outdoor Dillon , and Ciara running around everywhere. And of course sitting on the back porch with Chad watching our kids play  :)))