Monday, October 31, 2011

New Christy

I just want to openly pat myself on the back.. I took the twins grocery shopping and random shopping at kmart all by myself , for no reason.. I get way to scared to usually attempt it , and wait for chad to get home before I do any errands, but it went beautifully.. And I think its all due to knowing they may start school next week, it makes me miss them already and I want to know I can do it before they are lost into the school system :(  Now if Kmart knew how to open more than one line when theres 5 people waiting that would be a perfect trip.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fake Birthday Weekend

Twins are celebrating 3 this weekend :) Better More pics post later in week

Friday, October 28, 2011

No School

Today there was no school for teacher parent conferences.. Ours went well. and today we had fun play day with two other families.. 10 kids played nicely. three moms got to chit chat.. Then I braved a trip to town with all four kids.. Not something I usually do.. But took all to walmart to let twins pick out cake and wrapping paper for their birthday. Then we took food out to the park at the Dam and played for couple hours till Daddy was ready to meet us at Kohls and then some four wheeling :) Heres them all in some pics at park playing

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Drug Free Week

Nothing too exciting, we had backwards day, tye dye day, pj day, and today was red day.. Heres Dillon with his that he says looks like his head is open and throwing blood everywhere :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

*Dillon is 6*

My First little guy Dillon is now six.. He was my biggest sweet heart and probably is still to this day. Boys just seem to be more lovey.. So heres a comparison picture of the past year
 Now Dillon has by far also been my biggest challenge.. He is exactly like me. This is a problem, because I think everything is as funny as he does, and I share the desire of never being serious. So as I see him do everything the way I would and be a silly little boy it makes me smile, but I find myself confused cause I know I am the mom so I should make things right too.. Well for me I decided once he starts kindergarten Ill see if he knows how to be good in school and if he does I wont worry again.. and sure enough my little man is doing great.. He isnt getting bad complaints and he loves seeing us so much more now so seems happier.. For his birthday we did a halloween tour of the haunted house in Effingham.. He def started out scared but Im proud he went along and ended up liking it.. We also had some friends over heres all the kids, taken after twins were in bed..
 And we let him stay up til as long as he wants (midnight) which is always fun because since my kids go to bed by 730, its funny by 8 hes saying I cant believe im up so late.. And made it till around 10 and got to sleep in Grammas camper.. He happily went to sleep after he ran for hours.. Then the next day we did fun around the house, did some cake
And then we grabbed the pumpkins we picked and started carving them with grandma and grandpa and got them all ready for halloween
 And then Sunday after the bears win game, and nachos, and grandma grandpa time we went and rode four wheelers.. His most favorite thing... And as we are going down a path and hes looking back nonstop grinning from ear to ear, then goes around a curve and is waiting when I get there he yells Mommy Im waiting for you :) my Boy is a sweety still and I love him soo much..Thanks to everyone who helped wish him a good day and helped celebrate :) Happy Birthday Dillon

Friday, October 21, 2011

Milk Tip :)

So the twins are always saying they are hungry all day long, but they dont drink much milk.. So Ive been trying to push some on them to fill them up a little more.. and Now I figured out a way to keep them busy a good 15 min and drink some milk :))

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I officially hate the rain due to the fact that I had three piles of poop on my floor before 8 am, thanks to my dogs being afraid to go outside and risk a little dampness.....GRRR

Friday, October 14, 2011


After trying for about an hour and a half on tv upstairs then downstairs, I finally gave up and threw our smartcycle and all the games in the garbage. It was driving me nuts and the twins were fighting over it even though it wouldnt stay on long enough to work. So about an hour later I was talking to Chad and said its trashed, he told me Im pretty sure it has batteries you could try... WTF I didnt see any area for them, but I looked it up online and sure enough... So now Laila is playing happily and Cooper is patiently waiting for his turn... As patient as a 2 year old is anyways haha.. Whew almost threw out a hundred dollar gaming system that the kids always loved haha

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dating Anniversary

Today 11 years ago Chad asked if I want to be his girlfriend followed by my first kiss ever that night. It was a funny night and funny month till this point.. Our school was on strike and I kept making my brother Adam call Chad over so I could see him. Chad knew what was up and kept his distance to make sure not to lead me on before he knew that he wanted to date me.. He always told his parents he was going over to Hendershots house for Adam, they didnt even know I existed. And neither of us would have ever guessed this would turn into the happy true love we have.. I wanted to get my first boyfriend and kiss out of the way, he was prolly more so passing time. Chad was my first kiss, and 11 years later only boy ive ever kissed :) besides my kiddos and daddy. We thought about it and in the last 11 years the longest gap weve ever gone not seeing eachother was maybe 5 days ( a trip to washington ) and a total of under 2 weeks tops. Noone ever thinks that the first boyfriend you get at 16 years old will amount to anything, but I found my prince, and the love of my life and Ill never let go of him now :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Well this weekend was my moms 50th Birthday
We went to pumpkin patch on our way to her house, and kids had a blast. They got lemon shakeups and kettle corn.. and pulled the wagon along the whole place, and did all the mazes
                                             and of course me and chad had fun too

So then we headed to moms and played for the day
Then we headed to Moraine View State Park, and camped. Two of my Brothers and their families.. Hers a group shot of everyone
And then heres one of 3 of the four kids with my parents

All was fun and laughs, and Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Farewell

This weekend Chads Grandpa Richard was in town gathering his final things in this area so he can move down to Florida permanantly. He and his wife Virginia are going into a retirement community so they will be taken care of and basking in the sun. Heres a picture of His Grandpa and all the Grandkids and Great Grandkids.
And then as we were leaving Ciara got one with Virginia too :)

It was a good evening, nice weather lots of friends and family around, Chads Dads Bango teacher (and his band) played for the crowd. Everyone was all smiles and having a great time with tons of yummy foods.. Me and Kids went down paths walking for once instead of four wheeling... Cooper was carried most of it, ouch! And kids got to stay up past bedtime and all but Ciara of course , fell alseep in car on way home. Now today some sleepy kids had picture day so well see how that turns out :)