Thursday, March 29, 2012


So we are sitting watching American Idol as a family, and yes me and Ciara are sad HeeJun is gone... But thats not the point.. Laila ,who doesnt talk, was doing every commercial and show repeat she could, counted tons high , and was having a blast with it , when I looked and seen Ciara was playing with her(Lailas) hair just so casually without any kind of attention on it.. This is the moment I always dreamt of for my kids, since I didnt have a sister.For every fight sisters have and every jelous second, this will be a cherished moment in my heart of them.. Ciara was being big sister to her little Sis.. and it was ADORABLE.. I melted just seeing it, and cant wait for more of these :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Real Quick

One sec please.. Coopers bus aide told me I need to have a talk with him about being quiet on railroad tracks on bus... added that Laila gets it so he should , but he doesnt... I somewhat feel her seriousness wasnt needed, a nice hey talk to him about it would have worked.. Not sure how I feel about my 3 year old not knowing about being quiet on railroad tracks... hummm.. Guess Ill mention it, Im sure his big ole mouth is distracting everything... (eye roll. only because Coopers pretty tame, still borderline shy, so I doubt hes doing it on purpose..)

Nicer days

I dont know about everyone else, but boy am I happy its been nice out.. I think the weather decided to follow us back from Florida, and its perfect.. Its been flip flops and sunny days. We got to do slip n slides, creek playing, hot dogs on a fire, smores!!, hide n seeks outside, a short pond swim, yard work, flowers are coming up, were getting a pool set up, and we got to go mushroom hunting which all the kids cooperated good for..All these things are my smiles lately. I cant wait to summer with 3 year olds, instead of 2(that one was a hard one) , my super happy outdoor Dillon , and Ciara running around everywhere. And of course sitting on the back porch with Chad watching our kids play  :)))


Me and My mom got our hair did, mine not as drastic just a trim and some bang,.. My mom decided to get a chemical straightner and cut and boy did it come out marvelous! Great treat for her 34th Anniversary :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

My twinny pies

Yes they are fighting over the seat on this fourwheeler, that may I mention does NOT work

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rocking it

Ciaras Cake

So usually I try to make something special for a cake, this year Ciara didnt say what she wanted and asked for me to just suprise her, so heres my creation :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 14th

This is My Daughters Day :) Happy 8th Birthday, we all love you so much <3

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Florida :)

We just had the most perfect trip to florida :) We rented a place on the beach for cheep, and was impressed by how nice and non fraud it was haha. It was gorgeous.. We went to St Joe Penninsula. Nice and warm, we all got some sun, and walked on beaches and Islands every day..Its not often that we can do overnighters and feel wonderful about it all with four kids who like to be on schedules,, But all four kids even slept in one room and didnt have any troubles. We saw dolphins on our beach daily, and rode on a boat right next to several. We got starfish and sanddollars and shells we found, and saw jellyfish..The 14 hr road trips went smoother than a trip to town 15 min down the road.. It was amazing.. We saw lighthouses and two seperate state parks. Two different Islands , one without roads that we just got to explore for hours after being shuttled out on boat to it. After our week was up, we had  to come back to reality.. Heres a couple of Pics from the trip..I plan on putting up some favorites off my camera once I load them up, instead of mobile pics..