Sunday, November 13, 2011

Surprise Beecher Stop

Today we (me Ciara Laila) were on our way to Megans babyshower in Beecher when we passed up the Veterans Memorial.. We were running early so I told the kids I had a special stop to make.. We pulled in and I waited for Ciara to read what it was we were at.. As she read she was super excited, then I told her Uncle Adams name is up on the wall and we should find it.. I had never been to it or looked before and this year Ciaras getting older and appreciating these kinds of things more and more. So as Laila played around looking at flowers and prettys I told Ciara lets start looking.. She was tricked to not find it under Adam haha, I told her it goes last name first. So even funnier she found Hankins and said here it is! I said nope, Hendershot remember.. So she happily pointed it out ( I found it sooner but let her find it for me) She asked why Grandpa and Uncle Wynston and Paul werent on it, I explained it was for local area veterans.. Still confused I told her her other Uncles were grown and already in the Navy by time me and Uncle Adam moved here.. SO anyways she was happy to see it and we took pictures.. Heres our pics finding it :)

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