Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stupid candle

Ill paint you a picture.. I come home after speech, groceries, and driving home slow pondering the stuff our speech therapist said.. And we unlock the door and I smell smoke... Or more so smell a candle that has been blown out.. So I go into living room where i remember Chad lit a candle the day before while I was at tumbling with Ciara, and yup foot high fire going.. The glass is black, super high fire, smoke filtering... My slow self goes up and tries to blow it out first.. Notta.. So I debate smother? fire extinguisher? guess Ill pour water on it for now?? And so i grab some water and throw it at it (ontop the tv) and watch it then flame up to the ceiling, pop like crazy , shoot ashes everywhere , glass break, and slowly burn out.. GOOD LORD I was freaked out, Laila was balling, Buster bolted out the door (he hates fire!)  I just stood there thinking are each of those ashes going to start another fire, what now? how long do I wait to assume its over, all while Cooper and Laila run out the door yelling for Buster..So we hop in car to get him, got him, and I call Chad who semi blows me off, and  then call my mom for a couple mins... Go back in and see looks fine, open windows and unload groceries.. Very odd day, kinda confused on what to think of that, and left all the wax and mess for Chad since he lit the candle the day before when I was gone .... Heres some pics. Good thing I got home when I did

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Laila (Pixie) Bug

This is currently how we all feel right now.. So quick recap, Lailas birth to three Speech therapist mentioned she thought Laila fit the typical signs for Apraxia.. A brain issue where the impulse doesnt get to the tongue to tell her how to make the sound.. Leaving us to not have any idea if or when she would/could ever be able to talk in an understandable way..Weve been evaluated couple times, but Laila is my shyest and most stubborn out of all, so it makes it real difficult to make a complete diagnosis.Also hard to diagnose at her age. So the at home therapist mentioned Eastern Illinois University does evaluations in there speech department where the students and high end faculty bascially pick her vocab and sounds and make a diagnosis and report back with all the ways to help. So we made the appt back in November and have been waiting for this end of the month appt with high hopes of more answers.. By time the week actually came Chad and I became pretty bummed out that we would end up no farther in our quests for figuring out anything and assumed Laila would fight way too hard against them to answers.. We were happily proved wrong. Stunningly even.. Sure the first 20 min was Laila crying bloody murder with three therapists crowding her in a room (one being a male which is even worse for her) without her Mom to ease her, but then they came and got me and said lets try with you.. Me and CHad were behind a two way mirror to watch it play out, he ended up staying in there with the three other faculty and therapists to be..So two and a half hours later,they (and more so me) got all the words they needed to hear and an idea on my baby girl and had us wait for a few min to conclude what they figured out. To our surprise they came back happy to report they did not agree with apraxia.. They said she was too smart and receptive and soaring in all other categories that apraxia exhibits that they just kept crossing it off the list :) Plus once they had the mouth puppet out to show her how to move her tongue for the sounds, she copied every single one.They think more of a severe phonological delay.. Which isnt anything to brag about, but sure for us makes us happy to know its not brain related in her case, making it much much more treatable.. She told us in a year we would be surprised with the difference we will see. Between getting her used to people thru preschool and she uses school speech 3 days a week, and hospital speech twice a week, we are doing everything right and getting it all worked out early enough to hopefully have her straightend out once real school begins.I personally am blaming the non stop ear infections and then tubes in her ears for the reason of this, seems to be the big common cause, course Ciara was the same way and is now soaring so could just be my preemie babies. None the less , my sweetie pie has put extra big smiles on our faces this weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Previous Post ,Part 2...

So today I go in to get the twins from school to head towards Effy for speech, when Dillons teacher finds me again... Yes thats a clear dot dot dot.... So she says I was gonna put a note in , but Dillon said a bad word today... She goes on to say he didnt know it was a bad word, and she believed him from his tone and face.. So here I go again running a list in my head of possibilities and finally ask her the OH NO WHAT ONE? She leans over and says the "F word".... NOW wait one min.. I tell her that Im NOT taking the credit for this one.. I do not use that word, ever.. Chad does not use that word.. And said I bet he has no idea its a bad word hes never heard it..Everyone that knows us knows that word is not allowed in my house or even yard.. (yes its funny to see grown men start to use it and then apologize and use a different word.) So she said she knows he coulda got it from other kids, I quickly said yes might not have been a classmate but definitely not from us, and thanked her for telling and said Id have a talk with him.. Now heres the tricky part.. Most people know , you tell a kid a word is bad, its instantly that much more exciting to think about.. I cant tell how much I want or need to say... UGH!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kids say the darndest things :)

Well I was getting my twinny pies from school today, and Dillons teacher comes up to me and says "I dont know what your teaching your son" (In a funny tone) I said "oh great what!" She says "well we were talking in class about foxes and coyotes out in the country and Dillon stands and tells the whole class 'In some countries people eat people!' "  SO I laughed and she explains she didnt know where he got it from but now the whole class knows hahaha.. I told her "My bad, we were talking about dear meat and pigs and he thought it was weird people eat animals (hes kinda getting to realize we eat meat of animals..) so I told him ya but whats gross is some countries and islands people eat people but you gotta do what ya gotta do for food... :) So thanks to me informing him of stuff , now alot of parents will be explaining it also tonight hahahaha Whooopsies..

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Worlds Cutest Dog

Our Bubbles in her Winter gear :)

Man Vs. Food

Today we went to the local diner here in Altamont to try out the Man vs Food challenge.. Or Chad was going to try it. As they bring out his plate, he may have already known defeat.. hahah.. He tried for the thirty minutes to eat 4 biscuits, 4 eggs, 4 sausage patties, 2 full orders of hashbrowns, all covered in gravy and smothered in cheese... ten minutes left and almost half food gone and 2 mountain dews later, he was no longer able to eat. So wall of shame photo on wall, Ciara wrote eat up piggy on it! heres some pics

Saturday, January 7, 2012

This Year

Well This year is a great start already, we had a nice peaceful New Years and then was our big 10 year wedding anniversary.. We took the kids ice skating with cousins and then came back and let Gramma D take over so we could sleep to prepare for our trip.. Morning of the 3rd came and we took off for Kentucky.. We have went to the Lighthouse Landing for several Anniversaries so thats our go to place.. Also we want to get a big trip to Mexico later in the year so we didnt want to do too much. SO that was perfect, heres a pic of us walking on the beach :)
Then that made for a nice short week which weve been finishing up kitchen stuff that we put off way too long. Now today was perfect as well.. WE shot guns, four wheel rode, and sat by a fire.. Now tonight kids in bed , I made some yummalicious stuffed peppers, watching country strong and relaxing on couch with a beer in a moment :) Enjoy the New Year everyone, we sure are.