Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stupid candle

Ill paint you a picture.. I come home after speech, groceries, and driving home slow pondering the stuff our speech therapist said.. And we unlock the door and I smell smoke... Or more so smell a candle that has been blown out.. So I go into living room where i remember Chad lit a candle the day before while I was at tumbling with Ciara, and yup foot high fire going.. The glass is black, super high fire, smoke filtering... My slow self goes up and tries to blow it out first.. Notta.. So I debate smother? fire extinguisher? guess Ill pour water on it for now?? And so i grab some water and throw it at it (ontop the tv) and watch it then flame up to the ceiling, pop like crazy , shoot ashes everywhere , glass break, and slowly burn out.. GOOD LORD I was freaked out, Laila was balling, Buster bolted out the door (he hates fire!)  I just stood there thinking are each of those ashes going to start another fire, what now? how long do I wait to assume its over, all while Cooper and Laila run out the door yelling for Buster..So we hop in car to get him, got him, and I call Chad who semi blows me off, and  then call my mom for a couple mins... Go back in and see looks fine, open windows and unload groceries.. Very odd day, kinda confused on what to think of that, and left all the wax and mess for Chad since he lit the candle the day before when I was gone .... Heres some pics. Good thing I got home when I did


  1. Yikes! Life Happens :)

    Slap you Chad!

    Glad all is ok - funny how Buster was like Get Me Outtie!

  2. Holy Cow!! I saw your mom post something about a candle fire at your house and never thought to ask you yesterday......uuuugggghhhhh!!!!! I would have majorly freaked. so glad you got home when you did, we would have had to move you into our garage :)