Thursday, January 26, 2012

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So today I go in to get the twins from school to head towards Effy for speech, when Dillons teacher finds me again... Yes thats a clear dot dot dot.... So she says I was gonna put a note in , but Dillon said a bad word today... She goes on to say he didnt know it was a bad word, and she believed him from his tone and face.. So here I go again running a list in my head of possibilities and finally ask her the OH NO WHAT ONE? She leans over and says the "F word".... NOW wait one min.. I tell her that Im NOT taking the credit for this one.. I do not use that word, ever.. Chad does not use that word.. And said I bet he has no idea its a bad word hes never heard it..Everyone that knows us knows that word is not allowed in my house or even yard.. (yes its funny to see grown men start to use it and then apologize and use a different word.) So she said she knows he coulda got it from other kids, I quickly said yes might not have been a classmate but definitely not from us, and thanked her for telling and said Id have a talk with him.. Now heres the tricky part.. Most people know , you tell a kid a word is bad, its instantly that much more exciting to think about.. I cant tell how much I want or need to say... UGH!


  1. F!

    Sorry I had to :)

    Thats a really good point! I guess you might have to let the cat out of the bag to figure out maybe where hes hearing it or just to say hey its a bad word and just dont say it and see how that goes.

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And a black eye to boot. Hes really becoming a man :)

  2. Whew, good news, he had no idea what the word was.. said he was rhyming and meant to say fox but the x didnt make it.. still was saying f o instead of the u.. so he defintely didnt know, i can breathe better.. told him no more rhyming with words you dont know cause you never know whats a bad word..

  3. sounds to me like the teacher needs to worry about black eyes more than f words