Monday, October 24, 2011

*Dillon is 6*

My First little guy Dillon is now six.. He was my biggest sweet heart and probably is still to this day. Boys just seem to be more lovey.. So heres a comparison picture of the past year
 Now Dillon has by far also been my biggest challenge.. He is exactly like me. This is a problem, because I think everything is as funny as he does, and I share the desire of never being serious. So as I see him do everything the way I would and be a silly little boy it makes me smile, but I find myself confused cause I know I am the mom so I should make things right too.. Well for me I decided once he starts kindergarten Ill see if he knows how to be good in school and if he does I wont worry again.. and sure enough my little man is doing great.. He isnt getting bad complaints and he loves seeing us so much more now so seems happier.. For his birthday we did a halloween tour of the haunted house in Effingham.. He def started out scared but Im proud he went along and ended up liking it.. We also had some friends over heres all the kids, taken after twins were in bed..
 And we let him stay up til as long as he wants (midnight) which is always fun because since my kids go to bed by 730, its funny by 8 hes saying I cant believe im up so late.. And made it till around 10 and got to sleep in Grammas camper.. He happily went to sleep after he ran for hours.. Then the next day we did fun around the house, did some cake
And then we grabbed the pumpkins we picked and started carving them with grandma and grandpa and got them all ready for halloween
 And then Sunday after the bears win game, and nachos, and grandma grandpa time we went and rode four wheelers.. His most favorite thing... And as we are going down a path and hes looking back nonstop grinning from ear to ear, then goes around a curve and is waiting when I get there he yells Mommy Im waiting for you :) my Boy is a sweety still and I love him soo much..Thanks to everyone who helped wish him a good day and helped celebrate :) Happy Birthday Dillon

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