Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dating Anniversary

Today 11 years ago Chad asked if I want to be his girlfriend followed by my first kiss ever that night. It was a funny night and funny month till this point.. Our school was on strike and I kept making my brother Adam call Chad over so I could see him. Chad knew what was up and kept his distance to make sure not to lead me on before he knew that he wanted to date me.. He always told his parents he was going over to Hendershots house for Adam, they didnt even know I existed. And neither of us would have ever guessed this would turn into the happy true love we have.. I wanted to get my first boyfriend and kiss out of the way, he was prolly more so passing time. Chad was my first kiss, and 11 years later only boy ive ever kissed :) besides my kiddos and daddy. We thought about it and in the last 11 years the longest gap weve ever gone not seeing eachother was maybe 5 days ( a trip to washington ) and a total of under 2 weeks tops. Noone ever thinks that the first boyfriend you get at 16 years old will amount to anything, but I found my prince, and the love of my life and Ill never let go of him now :)

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