Monday, July 9, 2012


I guess everyone was wondering where this went, so Ill do some updating. We love summer and our ability to stay busy together nonstop, so Im not around to sit on actual computer much. I got an IPAD for my birthday so now im always on that for quick on the go usage, which i havent put this on there yet to do from there. Everyones super good, Ciaras seeming to like school way more than home haha, Dillons having a blast and teaching Cooper and Laila all the fun tricks and games, Cooper is finally coming out of his shell and loving all the things we do, Laila is hilarious and tries alot to be loudest and funniest :) We started going to Church finally, so thats nice. Took a couple times before kids started understanding its time to be chill. Vacation Bible School started it and the kids loved that. I took the twins and stayed with them every day, since they still pretend to be shy ;) , Now we are doing just fine.. Big kids do Sunday school then we all head over for second morning service. They have a kid corner which is pretty cool, all the kids in the room go and sit by Pastor and he has a box they pass around each week. Whichever kid brings items from home and he does a mini sermon over it . Dillon raised his hand and asked for it this week, so now we play the game of what to put in. And it was cute cause the Pastor was asking a question and Ciara answered it.. Makes me happy and proud to know that even though we havent attened till last month, they are picking it right up and very interested. We do riding and slip n slide about every weekend if not in between also. Weve been hanging out in the Kaskaski River lately alot, watching chad bow fish while there. and tons of Pool all day everyday. Im going to add some pics now and consider this updated :)

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