Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Florida :)

We just had the most perfect trip to florida :) We rented a place on the beach for cheep, and was impressed by how nice and non fraud it was haha. It was gorgeous.. We went to St Joe Penninsula. Nice and warm, we all got some sun, and walked on beaches and Islands every day..Its not often that we can do overnighters and feel wonderful about it all with four kids who like to be on schedules,, But all four kids even slept in one room and didnt have any troubles. We saw dolphins on our beach daily, and rode on a boat right next to several. We got starfish and sanddollars and shells we found, and saw jellyfish..The 14 hr road trips went smoother than a trip to town 15 min down the road.. It was amazing.. We saw lighthouses and two seperate state parks. Two different Islands , one without roads that we just got to explore for hours after being shuttled out on boat to it. After our week was up, we had  to come back to reality.. Heres a couple of Pics from the trip..I plan on putting up some favorites off my camera once I load them up, instead of mobile pics..


  1. I wish I was there also looks like a perfect time

  2. Love all the Pix - Good Work you Guys! Long successful Family Vacay :)