Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tumble Girls

Well Ciara started gymnastics at 5 when she started kindy and is now in tumbling since its local and a little better suited for her I believe.. So we decided to let Laila try it out and help get her used to more people to beat the shy factor and see what she could do.. She loves practicing with her big sis and seems to "get it" , So last night was her first night. We are proud to say she did it! on her own, we expected to have to sit with her, and brought Ciara along to try to help smooth the transfer. She rocked it! Listened the best , did what they asked, kept the full hours concentration without a second of hesitation.. Im so happy she liked it and we will def be keeping her in.. Her coach even said we will probably keep her in this class only couple of weeks and bump her up since on her first day she was better than most of others.. Could tell we had a trampolene at home since she had such good  coordination, and said she listened fine and could see she would be a little Ciara JR...:)) heres her heading to class showing all her personality haha Go Laila