Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lets See If Its Worth It

   Well I recently decided to delete my Facebook account,which was a good move, but I definitely miss sharing and seeing how others are doing.Well maybe not on the day to day basis or hour to hour but how things have changed in their life and new updates are always fun. So now my next thought is to have a blog.. I enjoy reading the couple of blogs I check on regularly, it is cute and exciting to see how others are different and the way everyone manages.. I wish I could have some amazing insight for the world to feel like its a great purpose, but nope I just know my life, so thats all I really can share on... I am consumed mostly by four little faces, and a side of  my lover bunny (AKA Chad) :) So this way I can share some photos and experiences and make some people laugh or maybe even think a little.
   I had some huge plans this morning to clean and keep up my motivation of getting things done, but as 9 am approaches and im still in jammies, and Cooper and Laila are playing around me happily, I think Ill put it on hold and go to the park with a friend who just texted to ask me.. Then maybe, only maybe, Ill get some cleaning done during naps :) So hopefully everyone will enjoy this nice hot day, and take a sec to absorb up some sun and smiles ..

1 comment:

  1. Excited to stop by!
    I am still in my pjs :)
    Alice home with a nasty little cold today that hit her fast! So I have someone to spoil today.

    Have a great day!
    xo Helen